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AVALON philosophy


In the middle of the historical center, in an area that since the mid. XIXth century has been carrying the name of "New Town of Oradea”, easy to find - impossible to ignore, at 35  City Hall Street you will find AVALON Rooms.

Without high traffic, this street, which starts (as the name suggests) right in front of the City Hall building in Union Square, is one of the oldest and most important thoroughfares of the city, a central axis of the protected area "The Historical Center of Oradea”.

AVALON-rooms, is a project - concept of the owners, developed over nearly two years, materialized after long researches, analysis, testing and successes, all these to be able to provide you a higher standard of accommodation, at affordable prices.

Spacious, tall rooms, arranged after a unique and original design, in a building that meets the Neo-Renaissance architectural style, present in Oradea at the beginning of XXth century, recall to life the charm and elegance of that time, urging you not to forget it and come back here...

For those who prefer privacy, calm and discretion, instead of the agitation specific to big hotels...

For those who choose the detached elegance of a hotel-boutique in exchange for the monotony of the standardized design and applied after the recipe ...

      and last but not the least,

      For those who appreciate what modern comfort means....

      We created AVALON-Rooms!

      Dare to discover us..